Informations and Instructions

Required information

- Name to be use (lower-case, no space, not too long, no accent or special characters). Ex:
- Logo and name (image 450 x 90). 1 (bilingual) or 2 (one for English, one for French). Width must not be larger than 450 points and height 90 points.
- Address (if not in logo and you want it on the header and there is room for it)
- Phone (and Fax)
- E-mail
- Starting page language (English or French)
- Language(s) for site (English, French or English and French)
- Catalogue desired (Invitation, Sympathy, Bar Mitzvah)


Prepare all the information above and send them to us in an e-mail (do not forget to attach the logo(s)). Contact us if you need more information and/or clarification. We'll do the same if we have a question or something is missing. With all information in hand we will be able to setup your personalized catalogue web site. You then will have to add to your own site a link that point to the personalized catalogues site.

NOTE: This feature is for retailers only