Parchment / Thank You Scrolls

Very classical and always of good taste. Well marked to thank your guests for their presence at your wedding reception or any other important event. personalized with Bride's and Groom's fist names and wedding date. They can either be placed at table settings of handed personally upon their arrival. "Thank You" scrolls may simply be placed into a gold or silver ring. You choose the appropriate verse, the design and the printing colour. Available only in one lettering style, lettering no. 1 as shown.

YH978 - BLUE
YH4104 - LILAC
YH4106 - WHITE
YH4107 - ECRU

25 50 75 100 Add. 25
52.95 55.95 58.95 61.95 14.25

When ordering you must specify:
The number of the desired item.
The number of the desired verse.
The number of the desired design.
The desired printed colour.
The Bride's and Groom's first names.
The wedding date.

Scrolls should be presented
rolled and secured
with Gold or Silver rings

25 50 75 100 Add. 25
2.50 5.00 7.50 10.00 2.50
Please specify the colour
of rings desired.

Verse No. 1

What words can ever tell
the joy that is ours today,
knowing that you shared
the beginning of our life together
We hope you can feel
the magic of this enchanting day,
which will become more memorable
because you were here with us
Verse No. 2

On this day of happy beginnings
we thank you for being with us
at this celebration of our love
and the beginning of our life together
As the years come and go
our thoughts will give us pleasure
remembering this enchanted day
and all your good wishes

Verse No. 3

A loving note can barely say
all we feel this magic day,
with loving friends at every side
to see the giving of the bride
What words can say is very small
and cannot go so far to tell about your smile
that lit the place
showing our love its mirrored face
Verse No. 4

Thank you friends and neighbours
and relatives so dear,
for all the joys you've wished us,
and for your presence here.
Now, when this day is over,
and our guests are on their way,
the memory of this joyous time
will ever with us stay.

Verse No. 10

This is only a tiny message,
But it's written just for you
Who found time in your busy life
To give us a moment or two.
We hope that you can feel
As we,light hearted and gay,
And share with us the magic
Of this enchanted day.
Thank you for coming.
Verse No. 14

This day is filled with happiness,
And joy is ours to share
With all our friends and relatives
Who came to show they care.
The prayer we carry in our hearts
Of love, and faith, and peace
We give to you with every hope
That these will never cease.

Verse No. 18

In a world of uncertainty,
we have discovered one another.
Different, yet alike,
we have the desire to unite our lives
and continue to grow together in love
and understanding.

Our thanks to you
our friends and loved ones,
for sharing this special day.

Your presence makes our joy complete.
Verse No. 19

This day has been so special
because of friends like you
Your presence here has helped us
make our dreams come true

We both are truly grateful
for everything you've done
And this we will remember
as our hearts unite as one.